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Wine Rack Tray

Now most people’s first thought to start a woodworking would be to sell directly to consumers. However a more consistent and efficient turning your hard work into comfortable living, is to start accounts with retailers. Gift shops will actually stock and sell your creations for you.

Turns out you don’t need to be all that crafty to make this crafty little wine tray. Work perfectly for campers or just general vacationers. Are you searching for an inexpensive business startup that can be operated part-time from home? If so you may want to consider activating a business that focuses on manufacturing and wholesaling custom-made wine racks.

The business is easy to establish and only requires basic woodworking skills and woodworking equipment. In addition to constructing the wine racks from wood, you could also build the racks from a metal, or even better, all recycled material, such as scrap metal and used building material that can usually be acquired for free with a little bit of detective work.

Once you have designed and constructed a few wine racks, they can be wholesaled or consigned to wine stores, furniture stores, liquor stores, u-brew-it wine shops and even restaurants. The key to success in wine rack manufacturing is to have a unique product that consumers are compelled to purchase for themselves or as a gift for others.

3. Chair Side Bookcase

Bookcases never run short on demand. Every household needs several of them. However, a simple variation can make your project stand out and become a hot selling woodworking item. Make bookcases specifically to complement armchairs. They are a popular addition that very few can resist. Not to mention they are items of great utility.

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Value:  $97
Actual Price: $37

Wooden Signs Manufacturing

There are a few methods of manufacturing highly attractive and functional wood signs. The first is to use a router to remove wood and leave the message or words raised, or concave.

The second method requires a design stencil and sandblasting equipment to remove the wood around the message or words. This manufacturing method can also produce a raised or concave appearance to the sign. Initially, a novice wood signmaker should have the wooden blanks for the signs produced by an outside firm, unless you have the required woodworking skills and equipment to construct the sign blanks.

All types of businesses and professional services can utilize wooden signs. Traditionally, wooden signs are extremely popular with bed and breakfast lodgings, lawyers, accountants, doctors, antique shops, cafés, and gift shops. Currently, high-quality wooden signs are selling at prices starting at $500 each and up depending on size, complexity, and the type of wood used for the sign.

7. Blanket Chest

I can tell you from my experience and perhaps you know this as well, a blanket chest is an item of great utility. A blanket chest is not necessarily an item to be only used in cold weather places.

Most of the households use items that need to be stored away either during the day or at night. For example, extra throw pillows need to be removed from the bed every night before sleeping. Similarly, sheets, covers, blankets that are used while sleeping need to be stored in a convenient and accessible place during the day.

A blanket chest is a utility item of everyday need in a majority of households. And that makes it one of the best sellers. Once again, the stress of making this woodworking project is on quality, endurance and finish. The design and the construction can be left simple.

Wooden Theme Toy Boxes

Crafting theme toy boxes is a wonderful outlet that can be done at home. Best of all it does take huge investment to kick this product into high gear. The key to successfully making huge strides with toy boxes, you want to ensure that the designs are original. Put effort into using unique materials in the construction of the toy boxes. End goal being that the finished product is vibrant and exploding with character. Make sure to depict a theme that encapsulates children’s joy such as horses, cowboys or dinosaurs.

The toy boxes can be sold to retailers on a wholesale basis or directly to consumers via the internet, trade shows, a mall sales kiosk or mail order. Be sure to add extra value, consider making wooden toys. Including one wooden toy with each toy box as a surprise bonus gift. It all about generating good will with your customers.

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Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes can retail for as much as 10 to 20 times of what it costs to build them. Making this a promising potentially very profitable home based manufacturing venture.

This is a perfect medium to let your creativity soar. Every thing from the materials you select to the added flares goes a long way. Remember to always, ‘think outside the jewelry box.’

Research to find materials that normally would not be used for building this product, like recycled items, seashells, glass, or plastic. You can market these boxes by renting table space at crafts sales and flea markets. Wholesale them to retailers. Even get them featured for sale on numerous Web sites for their outside outside story. The sky’s the limit.

Jewelry boxes are a good item to sell online for numerous reasons. They are in demand and many people search for this item online. You can do particularly well with this item by creating an online shop on Etsy. Never rush the creation a brand name, logo, because they are essential in developing the story. Remember your not selling a product, your telling a story. What does that item represent and the feeling it invokes in your audience. That does mean you need a high quality camera. The way you frame your product in the photo. Are there other items in the photo complementing the jewelry box? Lighting and contrasting background play a bigger role at first glance then even the product itself.


Making bookends? Why not? They make a great gift for someone who has everything. And best of all, the business can be set in motion for less than $500 and operated right from home.

The key elements to set this product ablaze your ability to design and create extreme unique and versatile bookends. When testing the waters it always better to stick comprehensive theme which reflect growing trends like vintage style or “upcycling” repurposing recycled materials. To make bold statement you can use reclaimed barn wood or even petrified wood for avant-garde flare.

You can take to one side of the spectrum or the other. Crafting elaborate shabby designs of dogs and or people pushing on the books. Or go abstract and minimalist with piece of seemingly untreated piece of wood. Take to the edge of what is possible or goes for something homey and quaint.

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